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Move Better. live better.

Movement training that aligns your body, motivates your mind and unlocks your physical potential. Exercise is optional, but movement is required. You get one body to live in for the rest of your life, so make it a good one, don’t let physical obstacles keep you from living the full life you want.  Live life to the fullest. Move better. Live better.  Take us for a test drive and click the link below for a free week intro.


Flex your life. Try something that will bring you the functional goals you want. Like how Shelby Jones lost 45# and down 5 pant sizes in 6 months.  Or how Dan Bosman got off 2 blood pressure medications and down 5 inches around his waist. Shelby Neuert who finally feels empowered somewhere to find out what her body is truly capable of.  Courtney Pineau who rebuilt her core after motherhood.  Tyson Oriero who was able to get off pain meds and rebuild tissues in his spine after a bad work injury.  Nick Hanlon who finally has range of motion back in his shoulder after many rock climbing and mountain biking shenanigans.  


Be Exceptional. Train Unconventional.

 We start by coaching movement and then use a combo of unconventional tools that you won’t see inside the standard gym.  When was the last time you moved through your entire day in a linear pattern?  Or punched and kick-boxed your way through the grocery store? Did you use proper dead lift form to pick up your kids and was it a perfectly balanced load between both hips?


That’s why we use tools and movement patterns that mimic what we require of our bodies in every day life.  Functional movement training for functional, real life, everyday bodies. 

Because life is lived in 360*