Make fresh or prep it in advance.  I have been absolutely LOVING the Chike Coffee Protein lately. It does not make me jittery, bloated or anything.  Delicious, 20g of protein per serving and 2 shots of coffee.  It’s like breakfast AND coffee all rolled into one!

I used their peanut butter flavor here and added bananas to my Bob’s Red Mill Organic 7 grain blend.  I have been toying with eliminating dairy so this has almond milk instead of regular.  Great taste, not too sweet, packed with nutrients and an amazing way to start the day.  

Pro-tip : meal prep with this by making extra oats and then storing them in serving sized containers.  They keep for a few days so you don’t have to think about break fast every day.  Throw your favorite fruit on top. I also added flax and chia seeds.