I may have mentioned before, but I LOVE Greek food.  So far, this is also my favorite way to prepare ground turkey!


  • Ground turkey, lean!
  • onion
  • garlic
  • red bell pepper
  • cumin
  • pita bread
  • Fage Greek yogurt
  • cucumber
  • lemon
  • more garlic
  • asparagus 
  • cauliflower
  • Cavender’s Greek Seasoning

For the gyro meat, mix together the ground turkey and diced onion, garlic and red bell pepper.  Add a 1/2 ish teaspoon of cumin. Form into patties and cook in a pan lighly oiled. Cook them on medium low to not burn.

For the tzatziki:

Using my hand blender/food processor I shredded one whole cucumber and drained the water. Leaving it in the food processor, I added two cloves of garlic and the juice from half the lemon and chopped until fine.  Then I added about 3/4 cup of Fage greek yogurt and blended one more time.  Salt and pepper to taste.

For the veggies… I turned my oven on convection bake at 400*.  I lightly tossed the cauliflower in some oil and Cavender’s greek seasoning with salt and pepper and put in in the oven for about 20 minutes.  Stirred them once during the cook time.

Same with the asparagus but it only needs about 10 so wait to put it in.  Also, I just salt, pepper and garlic powdered the asparagus and not the Greek seasoning. 

 Can grab this at any Haggens or Freddies :) I use it in all kinds of things.

Can grab this at any Haggens or Freddies 🙂 I use it in all kinds of things.

I garnished the gyros with some fresh diced tomato, you can add more fresh onion here if you like but ours were already quite flavorful.