Our mission is to help you develop the most functional body possible so you can live your greatest adventure. We lead with education, inspiration and motivation, guiding you on the path to incredible results that let you truly get more out of life and do more of what you love.


Flex Training Principles

  • Health and Wellness
    Cultivate your body + heart + mind connection to build a loving and respectful relationship with yourself. Believe you CAN.

  • Function
    Enjoy life lived in your body. Find your power in the tool that moves you through your human experience. Ask yourself, what does an optimized functional body allow you to do with your life?

  • Range of Motion
    Build your strength on a foundation of healthy joints and the full potential of your range of motion. Reduce aches and pains. Refuse to age.

  • Attributes
    Invest in the parts of your body that make you feel great and facilitate your adventure. Need strong legs for snowboarding? Need a strong grip for climbing? Lets do it.

  • Physique
    Experience the joy of loving what you see in the mirror.  Sexy is a mindset. REPEAT THAT AGAIN.

You bring the drive to succeed. We will educate, inspire, and guide you along your journey. TOGETHER we can achieve your goals.

Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Flexible membership packages to suit all levels of athlete and achieve your fitness goals



Being a coach at Flex is more than a job. It’s a calling to help clients overcome obstacles in body and mind. Our team is made up of educated, compassionate and creative individuals dedicated to your success. You bring the drive to succeed. We will educate, inspire and guide you along your journey. Together we can achieve your goals.

Ellie Margulies
Ellie MarguliesClubbell Yoga, NASM, Buti Yoga, Rad Roller SMR 1&2

Ever felt like you couldn’t possibly achieve your dreams?

I understand. I checked into treatment at 19 years old as a meth addict who had no intention of staying clean, no hopes for the future, nothing more than barely graduating from FHS.  Here I am 15 years later, business owner, home owner, world traveler and a loving family and friends group who I would not trade for anything.

At the movement lab, my job is to teach you how to move your body safely and effectively to reach your fitness goals.  My work, however, is much deeper than that. My passion is rooted in helping you overcome whatever obstacle standing in the way between who you are today and who and where you want to be. Physically, mentally and emotionally.  I believe life should be full of adventure and your body should be built to help you live it.

Cheyanne Osorio
Cheyanne OsorioPound Fit, NASM,

Cheyanne is a local PNW native who found her love for health and wellness 7 years ago. She completed her NASM course and most recently added Pound Fit to the mix. She loves spending time outdoors adventuring with loved ones.

Bethany Lauren
Bethany LaurenClubbell Yoga, Power Yoga, RAD Roller 1 & 2

Bethany leads her classes with education and power, helping students to connect to their bodies, believe in themselves and really push their limits. When she isn’t coaching she can be found curled up with a good book, spending quality time with her two amazing boys or in canada with her family.

Joe Gann
Joe GannBA, LMT, FR

Joseph is a mobility and movement specialist, as well as a licensed massage therapist. As a therapist and coach, Joseph utilizes evidence based systems for clients recovery and progression towards their wellness goals. His passion lies in helping people develop pain  free movement, so they can continue to be active in their sport or daily grind well into old age. Joseph likes to spend his free time out exploring nature with his children, or trying to stay injury free on the jiu jitsu mats.

Shelby Jones
Shelby JonesACE Group Trainer

Shelby is one of the first members of our Flex family, starting off as a bootcamp member, who then stuck with it.  She was able to lose 60 pounds in her first year that led her to want to give back to others and share the Flex difference. She pursued her ACE Personal Training certification and loves showing others that anything is truly possible.


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