Post Natal Strength

Flex Movement entered my life not long after I made a commitment to finding ways to support the health of my body through more dynamic and functional styles of movement. I have been a long time runner and participant in many type of movement classes including, yoga, barre3, and the fitness classes found at our local gyms. While each of these offered me some aspect of fitness, I have consistently found that they were not pushing me to move my body in a way that was challenging both mentally and physically. I also found that many only continued to exacerbate the issues I was having due to core instability resulting from the birth of my son.

After my first class with Ellie I was hooked. She had us doing moves that I had never seen anyone else teach and she was so attentive to what I needed to help rehabilitate my core. Her guidance aligned perfectly with what I heard from my physical therapist. After almost five months of attending Flex I can say that I feel stronger, and more flexible and agile than I have in most of my adult years. The difference in my core between my first class and now is significant. Even the little cues in class given that bring awareness to engaging all parts of the core are absolutely critical to protecting the back and rebuilding strength and core integrity.


At Flex we have so much fun working out together and have shared many laughs as we all learn how to use new tools like the steel mace and clubbell.  Everyone is on the learning curve, so it makes it the perfect environment to give it 100% and experience personal progress with each class. I frequently find myself practicing many of the movements and flows that we have learned in class when I am at home. There is so much joy in experiencing moving in completely new ways.



What keeps me coming back? The first thing would be Ellie’s commitment to seeing all of her students get stronger and healthier. It is awesome to show up to class and know that no matter who is teaching (all of the teachers are great), we are supported and held accountable for working hard and taking care of ourselves. I love the early morning classes! It is a challenge, but starting my day off with a win is amazing! I also deeply appreciate that it is a safe and playful environment. And of course, I love feeling leaner, stronger, and healthier.  

- Courtney P

Eleanor Margulies