Down 45 pounds and the best is yet to come!

I've gained weight and lost it multiple times in the past.  I knew what to do to lose the weight, but the thought of "hitting the gym" again sounded so unappealing.


 My previous experiences with gyms left me feeling like it was a chore to go, and I felt out of place when I was there. Making so that I couldn't wait to leave. 

Recently I had some good friends start going to Flex and they raved about how amazing it was and suggested I try it out. I kept convincing my self  "that it sounded great for someone who was not as obese and out of shape as I was"

When I reached a low point this summer, I  realized needed to overcome my fear and try something new. So I did.


I am so happy I stepped outside of my comfort zone and checked out Flex.  The coaches are incredibly encouraging and supportive while the workouts keep me mentally engaged and physically challenged. 

All of coaches excel at helping you "find your edge" and encourage you to modify the moves when it's needed. The modifications still keep me challenged and engaged in the workouts but have allowed me to build strength as I progress.

 I have never felt judged (or embarrassed) for having to modify something to fit my fitness level. And for the first time in my life I actually look forward to working out.  Come see what this is all about and experience the Flex difference like I did.


 - Erin