Good bye blood pressure medicine, hello healthy hunting body.

I started coming to Flex after having a shoulder surgery. I had been active in yoga post surgery, and while Yoga was good I was looking for a way to incorporate more of a strength aspect to the workouts creating more balance in my body. I came to Flex to check them out and stayed because of two main reasons. First- they care about their clients and second because they focus on workouts that build strength, flexibility and increase mobility. 

Flex has a heavy emphasis of form over reps and education above all else. They never just toss workouts at you for the sake of getting you sweating but instead coach and educate about movements, the mind muscle engagement and how to truly develop new skill sets. Their classes always begin with a specific mobility warm up to get the body primed for the work ahead and then progress more intense, but short (30 min) conditioning work. Their classes are always varied in both in intensity and variation of work.

I have noticed a lot of changes in my body while attending all the different classes they have to offer. When I started coming to Flex I was on 5 blood pressure meds. I have been able to drop down to 3 meds which I attribute to the total body and mind health focused environment and class structure. I have also noticed a significant improvement in my sleep patterns. My body shape has changed as well, I was at a 38" waist and am down to a 33"-34" waist, adding lean muscle and burning fat.

These workouts allow me to not only continue, but do the things I love with greater ease. Hiking, hunting, playing with my kids and children, and just being active with really no limitations. While my shoulder is still recovering from surgery I notice greater range of motion, stability and less pain.


One other thing about Flex that stands out. They care. About you, about your life, and about where you are at. Not just when you are in the class and the next time you walk in the building. But all the time. 

hip hings.jpg
Eleanor Margulies