Finally, something different! - Joel Putman - LMT

My name is Joel Putman, I am a Licensed Massage Therapist.

Although I love the outdoors, I find that most of my free time spent indoors, learning and tinkering. I joined Flex Movement because my body felt like it needed something different.

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I realized I was hitting a wall metaphorically in my exercise routine and was not achieving the results I wanted on my own through the traditional combination of cardio and lifting weights. 

Yoga sounded like it had some great physical benefits but I'm not really into the group meditation or the "spiritual" side of yoga so I had never actually taken any yoga classes or had gone to a traditional studio before coming to Flex.  While the classes and atmosphere sounded interesting, I was not totally positive what to expect.

I imagined that this program would at least help me become more limber and encourage my body to respond better to other physical activities.

I also saw the guns on the instructors and kind of figured I was in for some strength training. Little did I know just how much I would gain, even after just the first practice!

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During my first week of Clubbell yoga, I shaved a minute off of my mile run time and increased my lifting weight in every exercise, and noticed that my form had improved.  Ellie and Bethany then added hot power yoga to their schedule and I decided to try that out as well.

I was very surprised at how intricate and direct the work to results ratio are.  Working out at Flex Movement Lab is not what I expected at all. Their "yoga" is a butt kicking workout every single time I go.  I have seen improvements across every area of my fitness, cardio, stamina, chronic pain, form, total body performance. 

Really, the most profound thing I've found is how much less it hurts to move. I can't say that enough, it actually hurts less to stand and walk and run etc.

I'm feeling stronger and find that I am able to get deeper into the stretches with each practice and that is exciting.  Any time I have questions after class the coaches stick around to chat, give pointers on form and really making their knowledge accessible to me. They also continue their education and bring back new tools, like the Steel Mace. I like that Ellie and Bethany are always looking to further their knowledge base and find new and interesting tools to bring to the studio.  I am looking forward to trying out the new classes and being able to work out with the mace as well.

This is a kind of practice I will continue for the rest of my life. It will be great to be a limber old man!

Come try it out.  I promise, you will not be disappointed. 

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