Chaos of past injury, Grace of recovery - Clubbell Yoga - Nick Hanlon


My name is Nick Hanlon and I have lived in  Bellingham since 2008.  I originally moved here for Industrial Design at WWU and have never left.  I am an entrepreneur in the commercial film industry and I own/operate 1123 Productions out of Bellingham. 

I have been pretty rough on my body over the years. And rightfully so. Between rock climbing, downhill mountain biking, and skiing; the toll on my body has resulted breaks, separations, concussions, and plenty of dislocations. Not to mention the effects of a paralyzing injury from high school that I am still dealing with today.   


Because of all of these injuries I have taken to keeping a low profile, just working my job and doing basic exercises to stay in shape from sitting so much in the office.

I was introduced to Clubbell Yoga through Summer Huntington, and did a couple personal sessions with her working on my functional mobility (which was extremely limited at the time). 

Clubbell yoga quickly became part of my regular fitness routine and I have been going to Flex Movement Lab as much as my schedule allows.  Since attending classes semi-regularly over the past month, my body cracks and groans substantially less.  Yet the way my body has adapted to the new movements has allowed me to function far more effectively and with much more controlled strength. 

I still struggle with range of movement in my right shoulder, ankles, and wrists but they have come lightyears from what they were just a month ago.  I can only imagine what another month will do.

The only experience that I have had with yoga prior to this, was one power yoga session 9 years ago. It was fine; it kicked my ass, but it just wasn’t my thing.  I had known about Clubbell yoga for years. But I didn’t fully understand what made it different but I could see the results and never doubted that it was a real workout.  I was just more comfortable doing what I knew. 

Now that I have experienced the effect of continuous Clubbell work; I use it as a means to make the muscle mass I gain at the gym actually useful, instead of just large and stagnant. 

My goal right now is to make my body an active functioning tool again instead of a walking package for my brain to use for work. 

flex mace.jpg

I plan to do this in two ways: Clubbell Yoga and the Steel Mace. I was recently introduced to the Steel Mace at a workshop with Leo Savage.  This tool captivated my imagination, while allowing me to access and ignite my flow.  I look forward to using both tools for continued training. This wouldn't have been possible without Flex Movement Lab.

 If either of these tools catches your attention head down to Flex Movement Lab or The Flow State Summit in July, where Leo Savage will be teaching again. I will be there, along with the Flex Movement Lab Crew,  and we would love to see you.  

Check it out, you won't be disappointed. 


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