45 pounds down and 5 sizes!

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My name is Shelby Jones. I have spent my whole life here in Ferndale and absolutely love it. Helping animals is my favorite which is why I work at a local vet clinic and live on a farm, where I raise goats and pigs and I also enjoy spending time with my dog and my fiancé.

I have always had a busy life, which I used as an excuse to not get into the gym and to eat fast food so often. It was crazy to see how my unhealthy habits had impacted my life so quickly, yet I had no idea how to fix them or make the healthy smart decisions. I was shocked at how much I had gained, but I had no idea how to fix it. 

What made me initially choose Flex over a regular gym was Ellie’s encouragement to try something new and the accountability of my coworker who was willing to do the boot camp with me. When I was trying to go to a regular gym it was too easy to make excuses, but between my accountability partner and the encouraging coaches I made it to the gym 28 days in 6 weeks and was able to exceed my fitness goals in ways I have never done before.

Originally, I had wanted to lose about 10-15 pounds in the six weeks. I doubled that, losing a total of 25. Talk about an incredible feeling. From the food blog posts and healthy eating tips to the way the coaches take the time to educate deeply about form, the Flex difference is found in every way they interact with their clients and it made all the difference for me.

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One of the major things I found different was how supportive everyone was. Not only were the three coaches great, creating a different workout for every day, everyone else was cheering for each other every single morning we were there. I found it so much easier to wake up at 5 am each morning because I enjoyed what I was doing and the people I was doing it with! The best surprise was that once I got started, I was able to keep going, seeing results in my body, my energy and even my sharpness at work almost right away.

The Flex Family has helped me realize that you can lead a healthy lifestyle well also having fun! My favorite part of the program was being able to be a part of something so great that is helping other community members as well! I am enjoying life so much more now and can not wait to see what I can achieve next.

Eleanor Margulies