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The competition for talent is tough these days with less candidates in the market to fill your open positions.  Increase talent attraction, retention and overall company growth by offering a personalized wellness plan for your business.  Just like each human body is unique with its own sets of needs, allergies and desires, our corporate body is also unique.  Each workforce has its own sets of needs, nuances, culture and common ailments.  This concept is why we take a multi-layered, individualized approach to corporate wellness including employee surveys, analysis of LNI claims and common injuries as well as an on site bio-mechanical analysis to understand the compensation patterns in the physical bodies of your workforce. 

We focus on functional movement patterns that increase mobility, joint strength, muscle symmetry and cardiovascular health, because our jobs, like like our lives, require 360* movement. From desk dwellers to heavy construction, we understand that healthier, more mobile, less stressed and better rested employees make a far more productive and happy employee. 

employees. your your greatest asset.

 Wells Fargo, DeWaard and Bode, ADP

Wells Fargo, DeWaard and Bode, ADP


The ROI for healthy employees is strong, consider what the following would do for your bottom line:

  • Lower L&I claims and code
  • Reduce paid sick leave due to work related injury or chronic pain
  • Reduce overtime
  • Improve culture
  • Increase productivity
  • Mitigate stressful work environments
  • Attract the new generation of top talent
  • Keep your more advanced workforce healthier and productive longer

Whether you just want to offer a gym membership as a benefit to attract talent, bring movement training on site as part of your safety meetings, or you want to develop a workplace specific, strategic wellness initiative, there are options for you.  

My experience in HR and consulting combined with my passion and background in the fitness/wellness industry means that I speak their language, and yours.  This is a win/win situation.  Talk to me today about your strategy. 

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medical and health professional’s partners

Providing expert medical advice is your job, it's our job to help facilitate your clients success in their health and wellness journey.  We offer a relaxed yet fun and encouraging atmosphere with a focus on form, proper movement patterns and functional bodies.  We are not a gym and we are not a yoga studio.  Your clients will receive the personalized training they need while interacting with a group of like minded community members who are dedicated to improving their overall health and functional fitness levels.  Read our client testimonials here.

Contact us to request more information and pamphlets to leave for your clients.

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