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Your most powerful you, now.

Break up with your old beliefs and break through to your new power with our one of a kind training environment that blends strength and mobility training to create your best, most functional body.

Do you want to burn fat, build muscle and tone your body in fun and dynamic classes with a group of amazing welcoming humans?

Does the idea of feeling empowered, uncovering new strength and feeling connected to a community excite you?

Are you ready to get out of your head, out of your own way, and into your power and into your body?

Move Better//Live Better.

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“Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today.” Tim Fargo


We teach you how to move, not just to exercise. Just like a car engine, when everything is aligned, tuned and working properly, only then is maximum power generated.

With a focus on form and movement education you are able to take your fitness to the next level safely, more sustainable and faster than ever before.








Your results are our only goal, and our unique system for accountability coaching is the secret key to your success. BUILD the BODY you need, want and deserve to live your best life, now, using our industry leading technology to keep you on your path to success.

#1 TRAIN - Your best workout, every time. Work smarter, connect to your body through movement and see the results you have been dreaming of. Connect your HR monitor or iWatch to our app to train and track your workouts inside or outside the gym.

#2 TRACK - The ANTI- Diet Personal Nutrition and Meal Plan included. Our philosophy of “consistently good vs occasionally perfect” takes the pain out of managing your nutrition. Learn to feed your body with nutrient dense food, enjoy new recipes that are easy to make and tasty on the tongue.

#3 Triumph - Accountability coaching- the key to your success. We will be with you every step of the way to guide and inspire you to reach your transformation goals. With our App, well be able to monitor your exercise, nutrition and weight/fat loss progress giving you real feedback and ensuring your following your plan with motivation and accountability.

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Come. Exactly how you are.

Be part of the Movement:Movement. When you’re part of the Flex Fam, you’re more than just another number, because we are more than just another gym/studio. We are a community of people who are creating change in ourselves, our families and our community. See what our clients have to say… what do you want your story to be?

Chris T. - Flex Mvmt Lab was first to introduce to me some tactical training with a hint of yoga. The benefits that these lifting methods and tools have had on the rehabilitation of my right shoulder and knee have been remarkable. These sessions have brought incredible stability throughout my body which has set a foundation to build great strength.

Anna H. - The people that attend class at Flex are non judgmental, fun loving, and are at all different fitness levels. Flex teaches you to push yourself, enjoy everything in moderation, have fun, and to let your inner badass shine on and off the yoga mat!”

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ROM + Strength = Win

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Call to Action 1: See our schedule

Call to Action 2: Join Membership $20 for your first two weeks

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You are stronger than you know, more capable than you ever dreamed…

It’s hard to choose my favorite part about this place. I adore the instructors. The high quality, efficient and effective workouts. The Flex fam is there to encourage and challenge me...I have learned ways to keep my body healthy throughout all this hard work.
— Karen H.
The people that attend class at Flex are non judgmental, fun loving, and are at all different fitness levels. Flex teaches you to push yourself, enjoy everything in moderation, have fun, and to let your inner badass shine on and off the yoga mat!
— Anna

Human + Being.

connecting the mind + body. empowering you to create everlasting positive change through movement.

We are redefining fitness in today’s society. Where traditional fitness programs obsess over physique and reps, we engage the heart and mind.  We give you the tools to rewire your brain. By teaching you a lifestyle that fosters success in all areas of life you get to enjoy positive behavioral changes that produce continued growth, no matter what stage of life.

We take a holistic approach to your wellness.

Our bodies are built to move as a unit, that is why we integrate movement, mobility and strength. Unlike mainstream fitness that trains isolated and linear patterns, we train integrated, multi-planar movements in 360*, because life happens in every direction, not just up and down.

Quality of life is better when you can move freely, without pain and in any direction that it takes you. Play with the kids or grand kids longer, climb that mountain faster, push farther, all with less pain, reduced chance of injury and more energy output.

1) Health/Wellness - Cultivate your healthy, body + mind + heart connection. Develop your most loving & respectful relationship with YOURSELF. Love yourself on all levels, from the inside out.

2) Function - Enjoy life lived in your body. It is the functional tool that allows you to move through your human experience here on earth. Make it the one you want, because you only get one.

3) Range of Motion - Build your body on a foundation of healthy joints. Enjoy the range of motion you were meant to have. Heal old aches and pains and build strength you can actually use.

4) Attributes - Develop the key parts to give you the confidence externally you are looking for as a reflection of the confidence you feel internally.

5) Physique -The physique comes naturally when you are able to move your body freely during your workouts.