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Move Better. live better.

Movement training that aligns your body, motivates your mind and unlocks your physical potential. Exercise is optional, but movement is required. You get one body to live in for the rest of your life, so make it a good one, don’t let physical obstacles keep you from living the full life you want.  Live life to the fullest. Move better. Live better.  Take us for a test drive and click the link below for a free week intro.


Flex your life. Try something that will bring you the functional goals you want. Like how Shelby Jones lost 45# and down 5 pant sizes in 6 months.  Or how Dan Bosman got off 2 blood pressure medications and down 5 inches around his waist. Shelby Neuert who finally feels empowered somewhere to find out what her body is truly capable of.  Courtney Pineau who rebuilt her core after motherhood.  Tyson Oriero who was able to get off pain meds and rebuild tissues in his spine after a bad work injury.  Nick Hanlon who finally has range of motion back in his shoulder after many rock climbing and mountain biking shenanigans.  



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Flex Fit

Life is not linear which is why we don't think workouts should be either. Develop lean, powerful and functional muscles in this fast paced class with a focus on kettlebell, heavy clubs and mace complexes that are guaranteed to push you to your strongest self while maintaining optimal joint health. Ready to get worked? Come check this one out. 

Appropriate for all levels with modifications available.

High intensity. 


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Primal HIit

Kick it up a notch with tried and true programming that combines Clubbell yoga and HIIT with challenging timing protocols and innovative combined movements that will keep you on your toes. Use this time to try out the heavy clubs. One thing you can count on is leaving with a sweat drenched smile.

Appropriate for all levels with modifications available.

High intensity.


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Steel Mace

The Steel Mace mimics real world movement and is one of the most effective ways to train and condition your whole body thanks to the disproportionate weight displacement, you’ll be optimizing your stabilizer muscles, joints and primary power centers. Learn the mechanics and get a killer class with these mentally stimulating and physically challenging workouts.

Appropriate for all levels with modifications available.

High intensity


Power Yoga

Baptiste Power Yoga led by Bethany.

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Begin here with these introductory classes where you will learn the foundational principles we teach from. This series acts as the building blocks from which you will excel with confidence by focusing on movement mechanics that will translate across all the styles of training we offer here at Flex. This class series is offered at the beginning of each month and on an as needed basis.

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Relax & Recover with the help of RAD Roller Self Myofascial Release tools treat your body to the recovery that it needs. Combined with stretching and some basic yoga flows enjoy benefits like releasing tension, increasing blood flow, reduced pain and increased mobility. Wednesday night after class we move next door to enjoy a glass of wine and soothing live music at Leaderblock.

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