New Client Information

So you have decided to join the movement. Congratulations! We love welcoming new members on this path.


Be patient with yourself.

We teach things a little differently here, you will probably be challenged in new ways you have not experienced, so please, be gentle with yourself. This is not a competition nor a race. This is movement training for your body, the practice is all yours. We will help you connect back to muscles that have fallen asleep due to our sedentary Western lifestyle. In this process, you will learn not only what is happening physically on the outside, but we will also educate about the neuroscience behind your new skill set. It is our primary goal to inspire, educate and empower our clients to find their true potential. Many clients report noticing improved and sharper thought processes, faster reflex time and lower stress levels along side of the physical benefits like lowering joint paint and healing old injuries. It’s going to be a fascinating ride, we are excited to see your progress, but enjoy the journey, and be patient.

The MOVEMENT is timely.

In order to show respect to yourself for the hour you dedicate, others in your class and your coach, please arrive 5 minutes prior to class starting. We run our classes with a specific warm up that pertains directly to the workout that will follow and is a vital part of training. It is important that you participate in that warm-up and if you are late it will take away from your work. We understand sometimes things happen, so please still come even if its a late start, however please do not make it a habit. If another class is finishing, be mindful of your volume as you wait in the seating area. We want to give everyone the premium experience we pride ourselves on. Thank you for understanding.

Barefoot training.

We train barefoot on both sides of the gym. Did you know that 30% of the joints in our bodies are found in our feet? Wearing shoes all the time weakens those joints in the feet and ankles. Our feet also have the largest amount of mechanoreceptors in the body, the more we activate and engage them, the more body awareness - or proprioception- we are able to build. There are shoe racks by the changing rooms with hooks for your jackets or purses as well. If you really do not feel comfortable, you can wear shoes on the gym flooring, but once you give barefoot a try, you won’t want to go back!