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So you have made the move, bit the bullet and joined the bullet. Now what?

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Be patient with yourself!!

We teach fitness a little different than you’re probably used to. Everyone has their own learning curve and their own trajectory. Each body has its challenges, so be patient with yours. Understand that this is a journey, while the fitness goals may feel like the destination, the journey to get there and then surpass them is in our mind even more important. Our mission is to inspire, educate and empower each client to reconnect to their body in order to create lasting changes that will fascinate their best life. Along the way, we will teach not only about the exterior, but also dig into the neuroscience behind it. You will understand the “why” and not just be barked at to get one more rep in. While the external results are fantastic, we love hearing the internal results too… Things like sharper mind, better sleep, lower stress, proper movement patterns, reducing chronic join pain, getting off blood pressure medicine to name a few.

Hands on coaching and barefoot training.

We take your training and education seriously and the best way for us to help you progress is to be direct and hands on. We use a combination of coaching cues, verbal, exemplary and physical to make sure that you are building the proper new movement patterns. It is normal for us to point out specific areas to notice and improve on. We may apply gentle pressure to help you reestablish that mind muscle connection and correct your body from the inside out. If that aspect is uncomfortable to you just let us know and we will find another way to communicate.

We also train barefoot on both sides of the lab. Working barefoot increases proprioception as well as stability. Did you know that 30% of the body’s joints are found in the feet and ankles? It is for this reason we train barefoot. If you really do not feel comfortable with that concept, you can definitely wear shoes in the gym floor but please make sure they are clean.

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The Movement is timely.

Please arrive 5 minutes before class starts so that we can begin together. Each workout has a specific warm up that will prepare the body for the work ahead, it is important that you complete the warm up before the workout. In order to make sure you get the most out of class, please arrive on time. This extends respect to your coaches, yourself and your classmates. Of course, we understand that life happens, and if you are running late please still come, just try to not make it a habit, or we may tease you :) When you arrive, check in at the front desk and then leave your shoes, jacket and items on the rack by the change rooms or the cubbies that separate the two floors. Feel free to hang out in the seating area until class starts but if the class is quiet, please be mindful of your volume.