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Sustained Athletic Training 

HIIT : Strength Training : Yoga

to create the most functional YOU

Reduce injury and improve your quality of life by building a foundation of healthy joints, full range of motion, and proper movement mechanics. We believe in functional strength for a body in motion- mobile, strong, and ready for life in any direction.

We blend a fresh, no BS approach to movement + strength training to bring our clients cutting edge programs that yield results safely, effectively and in a fun environment. Feel the Flex difference. With our inclusive community, dedicated coaches who care about your total well being and a new style of training your body will thank you with results you have never felt before.

Move better, live better. Live life in 360*. 

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All of our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them. - Walt Disney


Our Team


To be a coach at Flex is not just another job. It is a calling to give back to the community of movers. Our staff come from mixed areas of learning creating a multi-faced, diverse and enthusiastic team. While we enjoy our uniqueness, our similarities are what unite us, we are a part of the #movementmovement and our collective goal is to help our clients move better so they can experience a more full lifestyle. Your results are our business. We have answered the call to be the change within this industry and are dedicated to raising up others in life, leadership and wellness.


Shelby Jones

ACE Personal Trainer, Clubbell. Vet Tech.


Ellie Margulies

NASM, Clubbell Yoga, BUTI Yoga 200 HR YTT, RAD Mobility 1&2. Motivator, dreamer, achiever.


Roxanne Sailors

NASM, Clubbell Strength/CST, TRX, Life Coach, Duoula. Outdoor enthusiast and grounded leader.


Bethany Sanderson

Intuitive, Baptiste Power Yoga 200 HR YTT, Clubbell Yoga. RAD Mobility 1/2. All around badass and strong as a mother.



“There is nothing I can not do, only things I have not learned yet.” - Ellie


Meet Ellie Margulies

Flex Movement Lab OWNER & Impossible Dream achiever

Ever felt like you couldn’t possibly achieve your dreams that you hold so close?

I understand. I checked into treatment at 19 years old as a meth addict who had no intention of staying clean, no hopes for the future, nothing more than barely graduating from FHS. Here I am 15 years later, business owner, home owner, world traveler and a loving family and friends group who I would not trade for anything. Things I had never imagined were possible 15 years ago.

At the movement lab, my job is to teach you how to move your body safely and effectively to reach your fitness goals. My work, however, is much deeper than that. My passion is rooted in helping you overcome whatever obstacle standing in the way between who you are today and who and where you want to be. Physically, mentally and emotionally.

Flex is here to show a new way, to create change, and to lead a movement to better wellness. I believe that fitness is about bout mind + body + heart, not just about perfect biceps and a glorious ass. Sure, those things come. But we start on the inside and let the personal growth be reflected through the physical work we do. Let’s love our bodies with movement, feed them real food to nourish and honor the work we do.

If there is one thing I can share with you, it is that truly, anything IS possible. No matter what limitation you think exists, there IS a way. You are not disqualified from your dreams, no matter what they are.

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