Change begins outside of your comfort zone.

Our small classes balance individual instructor attention with the catalytic atmosphere of group fitness.

Flex Coaches’ supportive style encourages you to find your edge, focusing on form and education to fit your goals, not just your rep count.

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Commit to yourself & Create your results

Challenge your mind and body with routines built for endurance, a full range of motion and dynamic power

Prime & Practice - Mobility warm-up preparing the body for movement. Review form and mechanics to support class movement. 10 min

Perform - Perform the conditioning work of the day. Give it your all and leave it on the mat. 25-40 min depending.

Preserve - Cool down and decompress 5-10 min.

Studio opens 10 minutes prior to class time. Please arrive in class 5 minutes prior to start time to ensure a fantastic experience for all involved.

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Clubbell HIIT

Generate functional strength, improved joint health, and greater range of motion with this clubbell and calisthenics HIIT class. Due to their unique shape, clubbells can make and impact unlike any other fitness tool. This class is great for building stability, movement patterns and motor skills.

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Buti Yoga

Music guides our classes like an internal GPS - no more 8 counts or reps. The beat blended movement forces you out of your head and INTO YOUR BODY. All BUTI classes incorporate elements of shaking + vibration, primal movement, dynamic asana and cardio-sprints to help release old energy and stimulate cellular reorganization. Prepare for the funnest, sweatiest workout of your life!



Endurance + Strength Training. A longer work out allowing you to slow down, lift larger and challenge your endurance. A range of equipment and techniques including barbells, kettlebells, balance tools, calisthenic flows will be used.


RAD Recovery

The active recovery class you have been looking for your whole life. Flex coaches use RAD Self Myofascial Release tools to systematically release the body head to toe, focusing on where you need it most.


Flex Fit

Feel like an accomplished badass with workouts designed to challenge you physically and mentally. Battle ropes, sled drives, row machine, swings, jumps and pulls, you name it, we got you covered.

This is High Intensity Interval Training at its finest.


Steel Mace

Tap into your inner warrior with this fun class that combines modern athletics with ancient wisdom. We’ll cover the basics of use and flow, developing a workout that mimics and supports the movement patterns we use in everyday life.

Quickly becoming one of the most popular tools for functional fitness.