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 Feel free to message me any time. My cell is 360-739-9943

Feel free to message me any time. My cell is 360-739-9943

Ellie Margulies - owner and coach

An athlete most of my life, I wanted to be able to play the sports and activities I loved without injury or fatigue and I thought heavy lifting would make me the strongest. However, like most athletes, despite my strong fitness levels I still suffered my fair share of injuries. While I always knew yoga was beneficial for active recovery, I had always struggled to find a studio I was 100% comfortable in.  I knew that others felt the same, knowing that yoga would be beneficial for them, they didn't feel comfortable in a traditional yoga studio and they wanted more out of that hour they spent in the room. 

Clubbell Yoga, developed by Summer Huntington, provided me the opportunity to tone and increase mobility and joint strength, getting the benefits of yoga while still having an incredible workout. Her coaching methods taught me how to finally properly use my body. I was shocked, and in love. So much so,  I felt called to share this incredible system with the community. 

Being able to combine my knowledge of multiple modalities to bring this life changing work to my community is the reason I get out of bed every morning. I hope to see you soon. 


 When not in the studio, you’ll find me hanging out with my son, friends, outside, or reading a good book.

When not in the studio, you’ll find me hanging out with my son, friends, outside, or reading a good book.

Bethany Lauren - lead clubbell yoga instructor

My fitness journey really began over 10 years ago in a box gym. I loved it. However after a deadlifting injury that left me unable to walk, I realized that I needed to do something different.  I approached Summer Huntington (Founder of Clubbell Yoga) looking for a way to rebuild from the damage I did to my body. That became the turning point for me. I haven’t trained in the same way since.

 After training for several years with Summer, I went on to complete the Clubbell Yoga certification.  I fell in love with this practice, not only for the strength that I gained but the confidence in the way that I moved. I am also certified in Hot Power Yoga and am dedicated to growing my knowledge and skill set. 

 For me both styles of yoga bring a sense of empowerment, strength and confidence, not only in my body but in the way that I move and feel. And it’s my desire to create a space for others to experience that as well. 

I place a high value on relationships and connection, and I am so excited to meet and get to know you. Hope to see you soon.


Bethany Lauren

scott instructor bio.jpg

Fire Captain Scott Ryckman began training at Flex the very first week it opened up.  He first fell in love with Clubbell Yoga and the incredible impact it had on his body.  Being in a physical line of work as he is, Scott was looking for something to increase range of motion, bring stability to his joints and still get a good workout. While clubbell is still one of his favorites (catch him in class Sundays) he found a new passion in the Steel Mace while attending a workshop held by Leo Savage last March. Since then, he had dedicated himself to learning the mechanics, forms and flows that will benefit his body. Recently certified through the ONNIT Steel Mace program, he is stoked to bring this amazing tool into the classroom at Flex. Make sure to register for his class online.



how is this different than how i have trained before?

All exercises exist on a spectrum of complexity.  On one end of the spectrum resides isolation and on the other exists integration.  Clubbell Training encourages the migration of our training towards the integrative end of the spectrum because unlike what the mainstream fitness industry has told us for the past 20 something years, muscles actually do not work in isolation. 

Muscles work by creating and releasing tension over a large collection of connective tissue known as the myofacial matrix. This web of tissue covers the entire musculoskeletal system. So when you ask what an exercise "does," the answer when it relates to Clubbells becomes much more complex.

Clubbell Yoga was developed in 2012 by Summer Huntington under the guidance of Martial Arts guru Scott Sonnon.  This style blends vinyasa yoga with clubbells and CST. Each class or session will have three main elements: awaken, condition and practice. The focus is on teaching proper alignment, enhancing motor control patterns and cultivating mind body connection through breath work.  We hold space and respect the traditional forms of yoga as well as other well known training systems.  This style is meant to bring a new system forward to the population.  We believe there is benefit to be had in all forms of movement and training, even something as simple as taking the stairs has its benefits.  We just simply wanted to bring forward what we feel is the best fusion and offerings within this studio.    

Clubbell Strength develops strength and coordination from the ground, up the legs and through the hips, torso, shoulders, and into the arms to name a few. This full-body recruitment helps the Clubbell locate weaknesses like no other tool can. While never diminishing the importance of conditioning, mobility and the freedom to move, Clubbell Strength's specific design for developing raw functional strength possesses the power to improve upon all of these. As such, Clubbell Strength is applicable to all fitness platforms and will help improve strength, coordination, and command of power for anyone who uses the system.


Indian clubs belong to a category of exerise equipment that was popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Indian Club swinging dates back thousands of years to Hindu traditions.  Clubs were considered a gift from divinity in those traditions.  The British brought Indian Clubs from India where they were used primarily used as training tools by soldiers and police.  In fact, British Marine Physical Instructors are still known as the Clubs.  They were introduced in America in the 19th century, and were especially popular during the fitness movement of the Victorian Era.  The clubs were widely used, from physical education programs in American schools to military training.


Key Terms

Awaken/Condition/Practice - We teach in this specific sequence in every level of class in order to unwind compensation patterns in the myofascia that can prohibit optimal function. Myofascial chaines can be weak (compensated) or tight (compensating) Both are highly injury prone and will leak power over time.

Residual tension - When you train a movement, the myofascia retain the tension to some degree.  This pre-tense tissue will leak power because it will not be able to contract to the same degree as non pre-tense tissues.  Without releasing the pre-tense tissue, adaptation will occur and it will lead to myofascial density.

Myofascial Density - Over time, when you neglect to release residual tension, the pre-tense tissue lays down collagenous fibers to make it easier to maintain; in order to substitute for muscular activation.  The fascial bag will then increase in thickness in order to use less effort to hold pretension, diminishing mobility. The myofascial densitiy must then be pulped in order to break down the leathery adaptations to restore mobility and ability to express power. Without pulping, the area will become less and less mobile, resulting in diminished innervation.  More dense tissue, less mobility over a long period of time, leading to motor amnesia.

Sensory Motor Amnesia - When tissue is not moved through a degree of freedom, the fascia adapts to less use and phases down its innervation.  It is not just atrophy, but more importantly a disconnect between the brain and the innervated tissue which results in the loss of movement pattern.  If the movement pattern remains dormant for long enough, it will develop a protective mechanism to further avoid the movement, which leads to fear reactivity.

Fear Reactivity - If sensory amnesia 'recovered with sophisticated (6D) training it hen the fasical web develops defensive measures to further protect itself from moving into unknown (ie: brain & tissue disconnect) territory. It will brace, shake, flinch and quake because of the nervous system's fear response to the long-forgotten movement pattern.  This is the most embedded result of over-specialization and over compensation patterns.

Knob - Rounded bottom closest to where your hand is positioned. 

Muzzle - Thicker weighted end of the club.


key influencers

Summer Huntington - Founder of Clubbell Yoga™. MS Kinesiology University of Washington.  Over 10,000 hours training various forms of yoga.  She is also Director of Yoga RMAX International, Head Coach RMAX International and the CEO of Fit Body Wellness.  Head trainer of Clubbell Yoga International. 

Scott Sonnon - Founder and CEO of RMAX International.  Scott  is the Human Performance Optimization Adviser to the U.S. Government. He is a speaker for TED and Mensa on brain-based lifestyle optimization.  His system, TACFIT®, became the first federally-adopted tactical fitness course in history; helping others recover faster from acute stress and shed chronic stress. His system has been implemented to 50,000+ U.S. federal agents; earning recognition by Men’s Health Magazine as the “World’s Smartest Workout.”

Alberto Gallazi - Rmax Europe Director and spent several years as the Military Chief Division for training system. His experience as an Italian Army Paratrooper and then as security manager for a lot of jet set stars, international entrepreneurs and politics made him an expert about the athletic conditioning for the security professionals




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